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Taking this course will get you…

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  • Better games. When you are more confident, have better focus, you will have more quality calls and the next level in game management. Others will see, hear and feel this, and you will be nominated for better games.
  • Sharper concentration. You will have strategies to defend your mind from wandering around, and if it gets distracted, you will have the fastest way to get back in the game.
  • Better self-control. Because you can only control the game once you have the control on yourself. You will get to know a great system that lets you take control.
  • Proven conflict management techniques, and a whole new perspective on conflicts in general.
  • Better self-esteem that your friends and family will admire, and your games will be more in your hands.
  • Ways to manage stress. Officiating involves a lot of stress. Your family and friends will be as grateful as you, for the stress management tools you will get in this course.
  • Increasing reputation as a referee and as a human being.
  • A lot of travels to different countries, you may never visit otherwise.
  • Friends. A lot of friends. Both on and off the court. Referees know how difficult their job is, as well as how much they get from friends. Get to know like-minded people, and leverage your knowledge.



The 12-Week Action Plan to Be The Best Referee You Can Be

The course has 12 weekly lessons to guide you to be the best you can be.

Each lesson starts with a theoretical background, so to say, some information you need to know about the how.

You will get the information in a written and video format. In the video I’ll explain the week’s material in a great detail, and of course, you get the most important points in written form.

You will have the opportunity to ask your questions to get good answers! You will also be given a Q&A section to get your knowledge in a higher level.

Furthermore, the lessons contain a specific action plan you can follow. It’s not just about learning.

It’s really about doing!

Here’s everything you will get with this course:

  • 12 weekly lessons
  • Recorded video seminars
  • Detailed description and recorded guide for mental exercises
  • Ability to exchange ideas and experience with other referees and with me

Money back

90-day no-questions-asked money-back-guarantee
(Your benefit is my primary goal and I want you to be 120% satisfied!)

+ Coaching guarantee




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The actions you’ll carry out each week

Week 1: Goal Setting. You will set your vision and milestones, and calibrate your mind to help you meet them.

Week 2: Create High Self Esteem. You will put the puzzle together what makes a great impact on your self esteem and will be able to consciously raise your confidence level in a heartbeat.

Week 3: Get Focused. You will be able to skyrocket your focus level and gain motivation that last for any game.

Week 4: Control Yourself. If you want to control the game, you must control yourself first. You will learn a great deal of emotional intelligence, get to know about yourself, how you sabotage yourself and what to do about it.

Week 5: Change Your Beliefs. Beliefs are often our limitations in achieving greatness, and also, most of the times they are only illusions, as Michael Jordan said. The problem is that they are so deeply rooted by our parents and childhood experiences, that they are not easy to manage. Learn how to change them easily.

Week 6: Heuristics and Biases. We are trapped in unconscious powers that rule us. It doesn’t matter if you know about them, they still work. But some consciousness, you can more easily decide what’s good and bad for the most important thing: the game.

Week 7: Stress Management. We go through an emotional roller coaster during our career. Avoid the destructive effects of being stressful and learn how to effectively manage stress.

Week 8: Conflict Management. Without any doubt, this is a key knowledge for every referee. You will learn proven methods and thought-out formulas on exactly how to manage conflicts that inevitably rise over the course of the game.

Week 9: Execute Your Phobias. If you are a referee, you definitely felt the weight of the fear that you decide a game in the most crucial moment. If you ever had this experience, it can create a dangerous footprint on your nerves that puts you in the same situation again. Break out of the vicious cycle.

Week 10: Create Good Habits. Motivation gets you started, but good habits make you keep going. It’s easy to get on the top, but very hard to stay there. You will learn how to ensure your place on the top by creating excellent habits that support you and your career.

Week 11: Get Social. This is a very important stuff. You need to socialise for better teamwork and rapport with your peers. For some people it’s not so easy. For all the others it is better to be conscious and intelligent in this area of being a better human being.

Week 12: The Road Towards Excellence. You will learn how to use all the knowledge you gained during this course and how to develop yourself even further. By the end of the course you will have all the knowledge and skills to be the most genial referee you ever wanted to be!

That’s my solid promise.

Whether you want to be the best referee in the world, or you only want to improve, this course is the best for you.



Start this course to Be The Best You Can Be today!

You’ll love this course, I’m 100% sure! I’ve poured my heart and soul into it. It has everything I’ve learned so far about the mental aspects of officiating.

These methods changed my life, and they will change yours. I’ll skip the hype and the sales pitch here for you, because this course at $97 is of incredible value.

It fills the blank in your education which is, I assume, excellent in rules knowledge and regulations, while it may need some boost concerning the knowledge about yourself.

It will help you be smarter, officiate better, and climb the ladder faster.

I want you to be 120% satisfied, so I offer a 90-day money-back-guarantee on this course. If you’re not satisfied in any ways, you will get your money back. No questions asked.

And here is my special one-on-one coaching guarantee. If you go through the lessons and still don’t have the results you want, I offer you a coaching session with no time limit for free. We will sort out how you can get results.

Once again, with this course you get:

  • 12 weekly lessons
  • Recorded video seminars with each lesson
  • Detailed description of mental exercises
  • FAQ database from all the students
  • Ability to exchange ideas and experience with other referees and with me

Money back

90-day no-questions-asked money-back-guarantee
(Your benefit is my primary goal and I want you to be 120% satisfied!)

+ Coaching guarantee




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